The International Symposium on Plastics Technology will contribute again with the sector and present alternatives for what the media has recently commented regarding plastic products, with an anti-ecological view, and this has affected the image of the material. This is because the plastic waste was not properly discarded, thereby causing great environmental damages throughout the world. 


Within the concept of circular economy, and with a series of technological innovations, the Symposium presents in its program a platform for discussing both these and other questions, such as trends and challenges in product and material design, production, processability and a wide range of management systems and process digitalization, always focused on improving quality and optimizing production.

Participate and contribute with valorization of plastics, which is an essential material throughout the productive chain!

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs, directors, managers, engineers, toolmakers and technicians of the plastics production chain and their users;

  • Professionals of the following industries: automotive, packaging, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, civil construction, white-goods appliances, raw materials, resin, additive, recycling and others;

  • Professional of the following areas: engineering, product development, processes, production, manufacture, tooling, quality, planning and processing sectors in general;

  • Educational institutions and plastics sector associations.

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