Until 09/31/2020

from 10/01 to 01/17/2021

After 01/17/2021

Regular Ticket 

USD 296,00

USD 346,00

USD 395,00

Associated with Partner Institutions and Support

USD 247,00

USD 296,00

USD 321,00

2018 event participant and readers of Plastico Industrial Magazine

USD 216,00

USD 240,00

USD 321,00

USD 296,00

Above 3 tickets per company

USD 247,00

USD 321,00


USD 148,00

USD 173,00

USD 222,00

Payment by PagSeguro

Credit \ Debit Card & Online Payment


Payment by bank slip or deposit

Above 3 tickets per company

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Participant Orientation:

1 - Registration:


  • After filling the registration form, the participant will receive a reply email confirming receipt of the registration.

  • Participants who choose to deposit must send a copy of the deposit to email:

  • After proof of payment the registration will be completed, there is no need to bring proof on the day of the event.

  • The registration fee includes: lunch, coffee break and a customized event bag with gifts provided by the sponsors.

  • There will be simultaneous translation: English and Portuguese.


2 - Payment Method:

  • 2.1. Bank slip 

Corresponding Bank: Citibank Nova York |  Swift: CITIUS33 | Bank account: 36026886

Corresponding Bank: Caixa Economica Federal | Swift: CEFXBRSP |Agency: 4011 | Variation: 003 |Current account: 1515-1

Company's name: Markeplan Feiras e Eventos Ltda

National Register of Legal Entity: 07.285.694/0001-08

2.3.   Bank Slip (tell us the expiration date)

3 - Cancellation/Withdrawal/Substitutions:

  •  In case of withdrawal from the event formalized in writing up to May 15, 2020 will be returned, but 30% (thirty per cent) of the total will be removed for administrative expense purposes. Please inform an account number for deposit.

  • There will be no refund in case of withdrawal after May 15 or in case of non-attendance, for any reason whatsoever.

  • Change participants will be accepted up to June 1, 2020.


4 - Contact:

Email -

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