1 - Registration

2 - Partner and Supporting Institutions, Participants of the last Symposium         

3 - Starting 3 participants per company


4 - Students

5 - Guest/Sponsor/Speaker

From 01/06 to 30/09/2018


USD 410,00  



USD 330,00




USD 330,00


           USD 220,00           

After 30/09/2018


USD 470,00



USD 410,00




USD 410,00


USD 250,00

General conditions:

  The Registration Fee includes:

  • 4 coffee breaks

  • 2 lunches

  • Simultaneous translation will be provided for English/Portuguese languages.

  • Contents of lectures authorized for disclosure by the lecturers will become available in the Symposium website after realization of the event.


Transport and accommodation costs will be borne by the participant.


  Method of Payment:

  • Bank slip 

  • Bank deposit on behalf of Markeplan Feiras e Eventos Ltda. EPP

       CNPJ Nº 07.285.694/0001-08

       Banco do Brasil S/A

       Agency no: 1540-7

       Current account no: 21.800-6


   Note: Please send a copy of the bank deposit to e-mail:, informing         the participant number.

   The registration will be completed after confirmation of the bank deposit.



  It is necessary to send the confirmation document of the category for your registration to become            effective. Should the documentation be not sent, the registration can migrate from category and the        additional value will be charged separately.


  The document identified by the registrant name should be forwarded to the e-mail name:                


  Withdrawal formalized in writing up to September 30, 2018 will be returned, but will be subject to a          30% (thirty per cent) retention rate from the value paid for administrative expense purposes. Please        inform an account number for deposit.


  There will be no refund in case of withdrawal after September 30 or in case of non-attendance, for any    reason whatsoever.


Substitutions will be accepted up to October 15, 2018.

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